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David Murphy

Press Manufacturing engineer at Opel

Opel Astra

Opel– Vauxhall

Opel - Vauxhall trusted us to create the sides of the new Astra series, car of the year 2016. The project started with the engineering phase in late 2013 and was completed with the start of regular production in mid 2016 with the latest versions. The activities required to reach the current state were developed, designed, changed, promoted and planned between Matrici and Opel. Our technical staff, with specialists in simulation, process, engineering and design, was involved in the initial phase guaranteeing the product's viability and the stability of the process.

In this project we are successfully undertaking the launch phase, meeting and complying with the quality and production standards. All the products were manufactured at our facilities allowing us to adequately and continuously control the different phases of the project and check the correct development of the project with Opel’s technical staff, thus guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and time efficiency.

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